Who We Are

This is us, two old guys – Riptrigg and Frankie “Frank” Frankston, being blown from an island off the Jurien Bay coast in our first Micro-Adventure in 2018.

We went to churches right next door to one another as kids…and never met.

We went through high school together…and never spoke.

But then in the early 2000’s Frank needed a hand and some advice in the outdoor space with a job he landed taking kids bush and he knew the guru in that scene was Rig. They did some camps together without losing one kid and never once getting (very) lost, so they thought this could be a sign that they could do some more adventuring together…and that, as they say, is history.

Both grew up with a love of all things outdoors, climbing mountains, riding bikes, paddling boats, and walking trails. Some years ago a simple routine began; paddle all summer, walk all winter. Aside from a weekly activity we managed to pull off some bigger adventures too, but it was the deep, funny and somewhat obscure conversations that took place every week we were outdoors paddling, or walking and sometimes riding, that made us think…”These chats should be recorded, we are quite funny and sometimes even deep”

Our wives and other mates completely disagreed and suggested we were the only ones who considered ourselves having anything of any value to say let alone anything that was funny.

So the solution…go ahead anyway, make a podcast and let you the public decide if anything we say is of any value to anyone else in the world, or if we should have just kept this nonsense to ourselves!logo